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George Lacson's latest EP is set for official release on June 30th, 2015. Formed in San Francisco around 2009, the current lineup has just started a new chapter with a fresh group of incredible musicians from the Berklee College of Music. Each member has brought rare creative talent and limitless expectations with them.

George Lacson (bass), Sarah Hodges (voice), Federico Zanetti (piano and keys), Lito Hernandez (Sax), Greg Szaro (drums)

Organized and led by bass player George Lacson, their sound melds traditional Jazz, Funk, R&B with the innovative and modern influences of today’s contemporary music. Throughout George's career, he has performed with world-renowned artists such as John Lee Hooker Jr. and shared the stage with household names like Lenny Kravitz and Z.Z. Top. He has also achieved recording credits on a Grammy nominated album. The George Lacson Project entices listeners’ ears with powerful, inspired music that’s built around a backbone of strong musicianship.

"Funky describes the beat, tastefully contrapuntal, blending the hot/innovative rhythms of St. Louis Bassplayer George Lacson...The crowd, a true eclectic San Francisco mix, collectively moved to the ever changing rhythms...the tunes were well constructed, a sign of musicianship not always found in a funk band. The show was over too soon." - SF Bay Times

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